Caroline Whitehurst

Caroline has been a regular yoga practitioner for 20 years. Over this time, she has met many others also passionate about yoga from all walks of life. Caroline became inspired to go on a quest and find even more intriguing stories in order to share healing and wellness with others, creating her first book—Down Under Yogis.

After years of experimenting with different yoga styles, it was the practice of Ashtanga which had Caroline ‘hooked’.

From here, her practice has transitioned to various vinyasa flow styles, along with Kundalini being the latest addition warmly welcomed into the mix.


Caroline enjoys the health benefits and learning experiences of a daily yoga practice in some form.
While also operating a bookkeeping business, living in the coastal town of Fremantle, Western Australia with her husband Darren, Caroline blends yoga into a life of family, travel and connecting with nature (with a special love for boating).