Mandi J Nelson

A decade ago, Mandi J Nelson dusted herself off, deciding to become the ‘Best Version of herself,’ embarking upon an initial ten-year experiment. In earnest, she began a ‘path of purification,’ actively choosing growth at every juncture.


She is a teacher, photographer, healer, funeral celebrant, and writer. Her ‘soul work’ is to film the terminally ill before they die. Mandi J is passionate about the Sun and Moon, Ceremony, Original People, and Cacao in the Tipi. She commutes between the city and the country, her children, students, Beloved, soul family, and her dogs.

Mandi J follows the sun across the globe, holding pilgrimages to spiritually charged destinations, lovingly awakening people to their true potential. She inspires and encourages others to 'Development and Self Mastery,’ through her own dedication to walking her own path, to the mystic beat of her own drum.