Down Under Yogis will expand your horizons no matter what stage of your yoga journey, from beginners through to highly experienced yogis. If your yoga journey hasn’t yet begun—this book is the perfect opportunity to help start you on that path!

With a compilation of 70 inspiring and informative stories from around Australia, combined with beautifully captured poses, both complex and simple, Down Under Yogis is your ultimate guide and support to reach out for anytime ‘your cup needs filling up’.


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Janine Allis

Founder of Boost Juice

“I was thrilled to be a part of Caroline’s book ‘Down Under Yogis’.  
Yoga has been quite transformative for me in so many ways and I know that yogis come from all different lives, but we all have one thing in common, which is the search of self.
I think Caroline captures that perfectly in her book.”

Astrid Pickup

President of the IYTA

(International Yoga Teachers Association)

“Down Under Yogis is a beautiful snapshot of yoga practitioners from all over Australia.
It gives an insight into why ordinary people practise yoga and the benefits they gain from their practice.
IYTA loves how this book portrays that yoga is for everybody.”

Jose Calarco & Ana Forrest

Forrest Yoga

"Congratulations Caroline, this is Australia’s first appropriate yoga book which is suitable for people of all ages & levels of expertise: “Yoga is for anyone with a body.’’
'Come & explore the deeper ecstasies yoga has to offer and start living with luminosity in your life!’. We are honoured to be a part of this book."



Assistance Dogs Australia

Rubi ADA News photo A.jpg

Meet Ruby and Hope in the book Down Under Yogis.

Ruby and her family are so grateful to have been given an assistance dog, Hope, from Assistance Dogs Australia.

It is with pleasure to share with you the news that Down Under Yogis will be supporting with part proceeds:

Assistance Dogs Australia  

Young Lives Matter Foundation

Ron with Caroline and Michelle 395_2AB75

Meet Ronald Woss AM, co-founder of the UWA YLM Foundation, in Down Under Yogis.

It is with pleasure to share with you the news that Down Under Yogis will be supporting with part proceeds:

The Young Lives Matter Foundation


Simon Borg-Olivier


Meet Simon in the book Down Under Yogis

Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM C-IAYT has over 35 years experience teaching yoga and inspiring people all around the world. He is an international yoga teacher, physiotherapist & research scientist and most importantly a fully integrated yogi who practises and teaches with heart, love, passion & compassion.
Learn from Simon all about bandhas, kriyas and mudras: discover how to use asanas, vinyasas, kriyas, bandhas, mudras and pranayama to increase strength, flexibility and internal health, improve circulation and bring energy to every cell in your body.

Contact Down Under Yogis for more information.

Meet the Down Under Yogis Team


Jessica Clausen


"Through reading each story in Down Under Yogis, I have discovered so much more about the world of yoga and have learnt how it truly can be used in all aspects of life"

Genevieve Lawton


"Down Under Yogis has been a wonderful collaboration—it's been exciting to be a part of this project which Caroline is so passionate and committed to, and which includes so many inspiring stories and beautiful images”

Andrew Burns


"Capturing and expressing yoga in its many different forms while working on the Down Under Yogis project was an amazing opportunity and a creative challenge—stoked to be a part of the project"

Lucia Ondrusova


"I'm honoured to be a part of the Down Under Yogis project and to work with Caroline—a beautiful human who is so passionate about bringing her idea into life!

The book is a true and raw look at yogis adapting eastern philosophies in the western environment”

Caroline Whitehurst


"Creating Down Under Yogis has been positively life changing for me.

Through learning more about myself and others, my yoga practice—life has been enriched in many ways.

I am grateful to everyone involved in the Down Under Yogis project — for the

friendships made.

I'm excited to share these truly inspiring insights so others may also experience improved wellness and personal growth — enjoy!"

Mandi J Nelson


"I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Down Under Yogis book, Caroline was such a De light to work with. It is an inspirational book, filled with insights and beautiful pictorials that will encourage more to follow the path"

Josh Abbott


"It’s fantastic to be a part of Down Under Yogis—a unique take on yoga practice in Australia.

I am honoured to be able to share some of my coastline photography"



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